aspire 8 serienfertigung ala fräsewege multiplizieren

  • ich habe die aspiredatei nochmal

    von unbestimmten offenen verktoren befreit, bischen kosmetik an den

    werkzeugwegstrategien gemacht und mir den gcode nochmal ausgeben lassen

    und siehe da, plötzlich klappts mit dem nesting im usbcnc...endlich!)

    im aspire ist es ein innen/aussen problem so wie die vectric support sagt: (verkehrte nachrichtenreihenfolge!)

    Hello Christoph,

    There may be some misunderstanding, I'm afraid you have not quite gotten this correct.

    Here is an example image:
    This shows the situation I was describing, where a part needs to have a clear outline for the software to identify it as a Part to help correctly order it in the toolpathing sequence.
    The Item on the left is the ideal part, which has a clear outline cut to define the part.
    The item on the right is not ideal and the overlapping cuts can make it hard for the software to correctly identify a Part and thus toolpath it as the user expects.

    I will take your suggestion on how to help add functionality to the tools and add it to the developer Wishlist, however I could not comment on when/if this would be possible to add to the software.

    If it is vital to have the toolpaths cut in a set order and you cannot modify the design to help the software automatically identify the parts for this, then the easiest solution is to not merge them, but have each toolpath run sequentially with the Output all visible toolpaths to one file option:

    This can lead to some longer toolpaths as there is more rapid movements, but requires the least toolpath editing to achieve.

    Best Regards

    Vectric Support

    Nov 28, 11:10 WET

    hello Charlotte

    so you are saying merging by part doesnt work right when there is an inner line that has to be done previous to an outer line which defines the part, right?

    as this is the case in my situation (inner line comes necessarily first, than outer line..) is there a way to trick it ?!?

    also, dont get me wrong, but may there should be an option implemented in aspire to overcome that problem... there must be a way, like an extra option to define the part yourself , or by just simply multiplying the existent toolpaths in the order they have... something like. so that you can make problemless serial production...

    thanks a lot for your help!

    best, Christoph

    Am 28.11.2016 um 10:12 schrieb Vectric Support:

    Charlie Pullen (Vectric Ltd.)
    Nov 28, 09:12 WET

    Hello Christoph

    If cutting by part is the most important when merging your toolpath then this is the only option you will want active.

    Also it is important to have a toolpath that surrounds all other toolpaths in your design, as this is used to define what a "Part" is.
    If for example you have a toolpath that extends over or overlaps the outlining toolpath then the software cannot correctly work out what is a "Part".

    If the Post Processor has instruction to add the G54 then it will, but if you have searched your GCode file and G54 is not present then this will not be in the Post Processor either.
    On checking the UCCNC Post Processor, it does not call for the G54 code.

    I hope this helps.

    Best Regards

    Vectric Support

    jedenfalls danke an alle und bis zum nächsten..

    LG christoph